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Why SEO more of content publishing than link building in 2013

I am more content publisher than link builder for the SEO in 2013. Its a new era of SEO where the change has been occur in the techniques of SEO due to Google’s new authorship update. I have explain the importance of the Google authorship in the  post Why Author Rank is important SEO in 2013.

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Why content publishing is in the first place for SEO in 2013?

Updates: Google search engine is the most targeted search engine by the spammers. They used many tricks and Black hat techniques to bring out the search engine rankings. Google is now come up with the updates like Panda and Penguin which have affected many websites and conquered the most of the spam. This major change in last two years has taken out the spammers out of the Google search engine very rapidly in the history of Google algorithm changes.

Requirement: The basic retirement for the Google is always looking for the websites which are optimized for the users and not for the search engine rankings. To make the search results better for the users Google will come up with more updates in future to prevent the spam.

Change: Since, all this updates and algorithms has changed the way of SEO techniques and force them to come up with new area of evolution of SEO techniques. Though Google has recently come up with the update like authorship which is an indication of full proof technique for the link building which will have more weight or link juice than other link building methods.

What is the stand for the other link building methods?

Updates like Google penguin has made an impact on the traditional link building methods. There are some methods which is used regularly by spammers has been de-valuated its link boost by Google algorithms.

Link building Methods like Link Exchange, Link networks has been degraded and can be penalization to the websites. There are some methods like Blog post commenting, Directory submission and Forum posting has somewhat effect and can be used in initial stages.

There is an plus advantage while creating social profiles and linking your website to get the other source of traffic but again this will not get good enough boost for search engine rankings.

Conclusion: Firstly i am content publisher than a link builder for SEO in 2013. This means i am guest blogger which will bring links to my sites. Where you need to write the quality content to get approved for the guest posting. This listings in the Google search engine will be display with the photo of Author which is more real and trust-able to the users and boosting rankings in Google search results.

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