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Why to sell affiliate products on your blog?

For many years, people have been trying to express their feeling through various means like affiliate products. Some have largely experimented with different forms such as letter writing, poems and prose etc while others have evolved their writing habits with the evolution of technology. Such one form of literature is blogging. Blogging enables writers to communicate themselves in ways that have never been seen before. And in this process, if a blogger finds a single, followed by many, readers who would be happy to read your thoughts and provide feedback, or help, in many cases, blogging definitely provides a means of making money.

Why to sell affiliate products on your blog?

Can you really earn through blogging?

We see many home writers who make or at least claim to earn millions, if not billions, from blogging in a short period of time. But the question remains, is it really possible? In a much bigger perspective, it is possible. But mind you, it is a long process. Earning profit is a long walk through the park but earning money, starting with a few dollars a week, gradually translates into a full-time job.

At many levels, bloggers usually start as a hobby. They write either to practice or polish their writing skills. Sometimes bloggers really use this medium to express their feelings. While other, take it as part time job, if they could earn something on the way, then they are satisfied. But the next question that arises is how to really earn that money?

How to earn money?

Now obviously there is no single mean to monetize blogging and blogs. The easiest way perhaps to earn through blogging is selling advertisement space on your blog. Advertisers give the bloggers a small fortune and voila, you just earned something! But nowadays bloggers have been finding different means to earn money through blogging. Some of them are listed below:

  • Creating membership and subscription opportunities
  • Promotion of other online entrepreneurs
  • Promotion of affiliate products
  • Promoting offline businesses
  • Offering training and consulting services
  • Asking for donations
  • Video blogging
  • Networking through advertisements such as cost per click
  • Offering ebooks, webinars
  • Selling premium content on the blog etc

Business of selling affiliate products

The new trend of making money through blogging is to sell affiliate products through your blog. Social marketing and online gurus are calling this practice to be more preferable than the PPC advertisements. There are many programs that cover any area and a blogger can handpick the products that best represents the essence or the USP of their blog.

The affiliate programs are available online and are very easy to sign up for any blogger. Usually, a blogger needs to narrow down all such programs where they can find their niche. The key to find that money making affiliate program is to sign up to as many programs one can find online. The blogger might feel it is a huge nuisance as signing up means getting spam emails and many accounts which can be difficult to handle. And earnings are usually in the negative.

How to sell affiliate products?

Marketing experts outline a simple step by step process to learn the art of selling affiliate products on your blog.

  • Research thoroughly and evaluate what your prospective buyer need
  • Attract them to your blog by means of Facebook and Social Networking websites
  • Offer solution to their problems
  • Illustrate your affiliate products

Why to sell affiliate products?

The relevant factor to earning profits through your blog comes down really to the fact that finding the right balance between your readers, and buyers needs and matching them with quality products. It is an investment that a blogger makes, just like an entrepreneur would do. A blogger must give personal opinions about the products by including an honest review about the product.

The commission that the blogger gets should always be based on the fact that what your readers are looking for including the brands they prefer. Since, the readers are your utmost priority, the blogger should not base the commission on the basis of higher the payout, the higher the returns. But on the fact that the readers trust is not compromised since they are the ultimate buyers.

Kate Funk is an expert in coaching individuals in writitng and business networking skills at tutorleader.com .

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Kate Funk is an expert in coaching individuals in writitng and business networking skills at tutorleader.com .

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