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Why You Need To Be Carefull With Guest Blogging

nullBlogging in itself is a search engine optimization strategy although it is a bit tricky since you have to use the same SEO techniques to popularize your own blog. Guest blogging apparently solves the problem; you just have to post quality content on a blog which accepts guest posts and in the event get a free back link to your website and probably hike your traffic. Everyone strikes an interest at free things which is one of the reasons why you need to be careful with guest blogging. With the increasing popularity, Google will soon find out that the links on guest posts are not what they take for true editorial posts. This will certainly have a huge blow on marketers who are over dependent on guest blogging and not to forget the effect it will have on their Google search engine ranking.

Popular blogging websites can foresee such a scenario which explains why most of them are only accepting no follow links. No follow links are only meant to increase your websites importance which translates to higher ranking on major search engines. However, this is not what most marketers want. In fact, most of them would rather have high traffic flowing to their website instead of high World Wide Web visibility which does nothing to improve their conversion rate. If a major blogging website restricts you to no follow links only, it would cripple a traffic generation strategy you depended on so much.

Web surfers are not dummies, they know they are being convinced to buy something or subscribe to a service. Initially, blogs were intended to provide a platform where people would share honest thoughts about the things which mattered most in their lives. Later on, people started monetizing blogs which is legit but only few realize the flaw and especially with guest posting.

Everyone has the notion that a guest is an authority in their niche and should therefore provide accurate and detailed information on the subject they choose to write about. However, like illustrated above, marketers are only after the traffic generated from a free link on a guest post. To achieve this most marketers hire freelance writers who may not have in depth knowledge on a certain topic. Irrespective of the good language a prospect would be frustrated by a guest post which does not provide what they expected. If this continues, people will have a strong disregard for guest posts and will soon begin navigating away whenever they come across one.

While guest blogs were initially intended to offer a platform through which people would share information on particular, it has been adopted as an SEO technique and is being exploited by SEO agencies and Internet Marketers who yearn for those important back links from popular websites. This is the reason why Google might decide to take action and come up with a strategy which will differentiate links from guest post from true editorial links.

It is anticipated that Google will take the same action as it did with paid text links some time back. Marketers used to purchase text links on blogs with the hope that these links would help them improve their Google page rank. Google caught up with the shortcut to a better Page rank and stopped it by penalizing websites which bought and sold text links at the time. However, they had a solution for those who still wanted to use the technique. It was a major drawback to traffic generation but websites only had the option of selling or buying no follow text links which were termed as Google friendly paid text links.

Apparently, paid text links are predecessor to guest posts. It is an easy and free way to get those coveted back links from high profile blogging websites. Google sees such methods as black hat SEO techniques and will soon find ways to control it. Blogs which accept posts from guest should be careful with the links which come with the free high quality content from marketers. While they want to offer their subscribers something fresh and interesting to read, failure to restrict their guest to no follow links only might places them at risk of being penalized by Google.

Jason Smith

Jason Smith is an online consultant for ABWE.He is an expert on SEO & PPC tactics and in his free times likes to visit social media channels like Twitter, Facebook.


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