Balak Palak movie review

Balak Palak

Have you ever ask questions about sex to your parents when you were a teen? How does it feel when you know things about sex first time? What is the need of the time to make parents and kids to be aware of? This all questions to be answered in this movie Balak Palak. Balak Palak is refer to the word “BP” called as “blue picture” in English. This term is based on the sex film. Balak Palak is marathi word and it defines as “Balak” means child or kid and “Palak” means parents so it would sound like child and parents.

I loved the way the concept which is very sensitive and looks difficult which is now really turned in to the direct explanation for the sex education for the society. Of course we all are the result of the sex so there should not be any bad feeling about it. Movie shows exactly what happen when things have not happened for the kids and parents being ignored the subject of sex.

Perfect edition and direction makes movie more interesting. Thanks to Ritesh Deshmukh to introduce such a difficult situation of the current generation. What i liked in this movie is that those kids act very nicely to the tasks. Most of the time you get lough on very good comedy in the movie.

Balak Palak stillThere are some moments you lough very much and get sad too. The role of “kaka” means uncle in the movie turned out to be the best for the movie concept. The best part is that you wont see your clock in the movie as you get involved so deep.

The only thing i would like to mention about the movie Balak Palak is that there is the message given to the kids and parents about the sex knowledge in the teen age. I would give one more point to this movie if they have shown the ways to make this thing happen as only giving message is good thing but wont make easy.

I would recommend you to watch this movie as the message given in the movie is very important as kids can get worse experience in the future if they wont get good enough understanding.

My Ratings: 4.5/5 – ****1/2

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