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Competitor Analysis for SEO

As i have worked on websites with few pages as well as websites with million pages, its seem like there is good amount of competition for each and every category. We want to rank our sites on the top of the Google search results. So we go for many ways to bring it. The one thing that is more important which is the part of SEO i am going to share my experience on “Competitor Analysis“.

What is Competitor Analysis?
In my words its a comparison of the product in all areas like we have exam mark sheet which consist marks for the all subjects. Here that mark sheet will be on the SEO factors. Then we will compare this mark sheets to analyse the difference.

Why Competitor Analysis?
As i have already said that there is fair amount competition present in every category in online platforms. When we start setting up our goals and work for it we need to check the competition first. To save the time, energy putting for the efforts. When we found the competition for our goals we can estimate the efforts that are required. To be on the front of your competitors you need to be more efficient. If you do good competitor analysis then you can make the difference in your product results.

How to do Competitor Analysis?
Well, here i will explain how i do and did for the websites i worked on. There are many ways which may not the way i do it. There are the steps which you need to follow.
1. Have your website analysis ready.
2. Search for the competitors in the niche category of your website.
3. Take best three competitors who tops in the search results of your goals.
4. Do analysis of these three competitor’s.
5. Compare your website analysis with your competitor analysis.
6. Make a list of pros and cons of the analysis.
7. Implement it for your website.

Now there one question again you will ask me that what factors we should consider while doing competitor analysis. Here are those which i consider for competitor analysis.
1. On page optimization: includes Meta tags, URL Structure, HTML Sitemap, XML Sitemap, Keyword Density, H1 Tag, H2 Tag, Image Alt Tags, Alt Titles, Robots.txt, 404 pages.
2. Off page optimization: includes No. of Backlinks, Backlink source, Link diversity, Types of submissions.
3. Other factors: Page rank, Alexa rank, Indexing.

I will recommend that you should add your data of analysis and go for the best and not depend on the data provided here. Best of luck for your website. Thanks for the reading post. Any question or suggestion will appreciated.

Image source: http://www.logicspot.com/files/2011/11/Online-Competitor-Analysis.jpg

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  1. Really Darshan,
    i like your views.It’s always good to do Competitor Analysis while doing SEO for any Website.It will help us Moving forward. keep sahre such things…

  2. Love the way you think Darshan, and it’s really great skill to define all your experience in words. I’m sure after reading this people will surely understand the actual concept of competitor analysis who is still wondering. In my opinion, after done our website comparison with other competitors, we should build more extra stuff that helps to bit our competitors easily. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Thanks guys! appreciate your response.

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