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How helping users makes Google to rank you higher

In the post Hummingbird update we have realized that the user intent will be on the first place. As we know Google always remind us about user oriented optimization which can be beneficial to the websites and rank you higher. My concern in the post below is to emphasis on the Google spotlight towards users.

What if users do not get the stuff for which they search? The frustration can lead to bounce rate, low average time on the site and few page views of the websites which has appeared on the Google search. It’s a simple message to the webmasters to optimize website for the user satisfaction and also for the crawlers to identify your website is search engine friendly.

How helping users makes Google to rank you higher

Below are some factors which needs to be take into consideration before optimize your website. These optimization techniques will help you to how to optimize your website to get better visibility for the users and which will ultimately helps you to rank well in the search engines.

Optimize Meta tags for Users to click your listing on SERPs

I always focus on the Meta tags which are the first thing which users to make understand what your website has. Meta title and description plays the role of inviters to the website. It is very important to optimize your Meta title and description to give a short snippet about your web page without adding extra keywords to it. If your title is not catchy and informative then users won’t click on your listing on SERP. Even if you rank well in the search engines it also matters when it comes to what title attracts more to the users.

Improve your website page load time to avoid abandons

Once user click on your web listing on the search engine then webpage load time can affects the user intention. As per the survey the 47% of user to expect a web page load in 2 seconds or less. In order to make sure your webpage load time is well within the limit you need to test your website. I use Google page speed to find out where is the website stands for improvement.

Optimize for your landing pages as per user intent

I have seen many techniques to ensure to catch the user focus on the things that webmasters want to user click. If that happens then user mostly lands on somewhere there is nothing which for they search. Which is ultimately frustrate user and make them search again for the same query in order to avoid the website which was clicked earlier. This will increase bounce rate and create negative impact on the users for your website. Make sure you keep the required information at the right place and focus on it.

Add unique content regularly with relevancy of the website category

I would like to mention about author rank and authorship which is also a factor which makes users to click on the listing in the SERPs. Authorship is what Google has brought which increase the trust factor for the users to click on the listing than others. Adding unique content on the regular basis on your website will maintain the content freshness and regular visitors. The relevancy factor is considered when user will ensure the authority towards a website.

Create impressive 404 pages to avoid bounce rate

Creating a 404 page for your website is not only the option to give lost user but having an impressive 404 page can lead to minimal bounce rate of the website. User will like the concept and will go for the search in your website.

Use easy navigation on the homepage to access website

The website design with the easy navigation for the users is always boosting the bounce rate and average time on the site. The important factor here to understand is to keep the important pages and categories on the navigation or the menu on the homepage for the easy access for the users.

Classify your Product or service

Right from the Meta tags, URL and breadcrumbs the classification of your product or service for a web page determines the organized website structure. For the better user experience the organized website structure is very important. Simple URL structure is easy to remember. Providing the path categories to pages with the help of breadcrumbs will help users to navigate within the website.

Optimize Mobile version for better experience

The natural queries in terms of Google Hummingbird update are more often done on the mobile devices. If you’re mobile version of the website is well optimized for these user intended queries then it will determine the productivity of the website is well performed.

Give option of Sitemap to navigate user within your website

Sitemap is the option for the users who want to explore the website. Giving the sitemap option will increase the page views and improve the average time on site. It also gives an idea to the user that how well the website is organized.

All the factors mention above for the optimization of the website ultimately improves the user interaction. Most of the above techniques will improve the average time on the site, page views and minimize the bounce rate which is important ranking factor in the Google search. Hence, this is how helping users will rank you higher in the Google search engine.

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