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How to find your niche websites

In the process of online marketing you tend to look out for the websites under your website niche. This method is multipurpose in online marketing. We need this method to find the competitors, new partners and analysis of the current trend in market.

niche websitesI would like to mention some methods to find the niche websites which will help you to find the similar websites for your niche.

A very simple and old method to find similar niche is using Google search. You need to add “related:” and then your website URL. e.g. your search query will look like this “related:http://www.yoursite.com”. This method is very convenient and easy.

Though we should not depend on only one source as there are many things that we can miss. There are websites where you can get the list of similar niche websites. Here are those websites: similarsites.com similarsitesearch.com

There is one site called Skrittle.com where you can add a bookmark button to your browser and use when to perform the similar site search. The results shown here are in the bubbles with the search sites which looks very cool.

If you are looking for the websites on a search term or the keyword then you have website which gives the similar websites for the searched keyword.

I hope this will help you to find the list of similar niche websites. Please don’t forget to give your response on this topic as there can be more tools and ways which can be used for the same thing.

Image source: http://www.thuthuatwordpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/niche_site.png

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