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John Wisden’s 187th Birthday on Google Doodle

Google is again come up with new doodle for John Wisden‘s 187th Birthday with very traditional style. Born at Brighton on September 5, 1826 John Wisden was English cricketer who played 187 cricket matches for English county cricket teams like Kent, Sussex and Middlesex. Google has found the coincident where John Wisden has played 187 cricket matches and now it’s 187th birthday.

Google Doodle John Wisden

I am a cricket fan since i started playing it at home backyard. Three year before i born India won World Cup and since then cricket craze has been increasing enormously. This cricket craze has came in to my like because of my father and it a good feeling when you enjoy game sitting next to another fan of that game.

John Wisden is now best known for launching the eponymous Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack in 1864 and the year after he retired from first-class cricket. I am amazed to see that he took 1,109 first-class wickets with a bowling average of 10.32 also He was fine batsman (4,140 first-class runs with a batting average of 14.12, an average which was considered as all round ability.

When you look in to his life after retirement at early age of 37 from cricket he began a cricket-equipment business in Leamington Spa in 1850 and after five years he opened a ‘cricket and cigar’ shop near Leicester Square in central London. In retirement he developed his business into a manufacturer and retailer of equipment for many sports, not just cricket.

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