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My Resolutions for New Year 2014

The year 2013 has taught me a lot and makes me feel and enjoy life in various ways. I want to count on New Year with some resolutions which I want to keep on focus so that I can achieve which I have planned. I know you too want to keep a promise to stay focus on your resolutions this year.

Happy new year 2014

Do you remember what your resolutions of year 2013 were? Probably yes! Are you satisfied with the way you worked on it? I know it’s tough to tell about my resolutions which I somehow managed to keep but some went on the wrong way. Below are some resolutions on which I want to keep on focus for New Year 2014.

Manage healthy lifestyle

I know this one is very important for all of us and everyone should consider this as primary resolution for not only this year but every New Year. To get the healthy lifestyle out of your busy and hectic schedule get tough. In the year 2013 I have tried to get myself healthier but got failed to do so. I was sick most of the time and wanted to change it for the New Year.

Get real sporty

Get real sporty in the sense to take parts in the outdoor sports. It has been hard for me to go out and had some real outdoor activities. One thing for sure that I became in the sporty in the digital games but that affected my health as well. Hence, it’s a resolution for me to get out of that bracket.

Transform into a better person

Well, not exactly transform but to get the best out of me. We all have a better person in us, but we sometimes neglect the advice from him for our selfishness. Considering the fact that it’s very hard days when you become better person for everybody but at least can do the best to make sure that you don’t get a feeling inside that you have done wrong to somebody.

Give more time to Family and Friends

Both are those pillars of my life that stands for me and make me stronger than ever. It’s a life where you get very less time and chance to be with your loved ones. My resolution this times to spend more time than I spend with my family and friends on holidays and weekends.

Improve SEO skills

As per my career which goes on well till now but as per new changes in the search industries will take it on the edge. Well, as you have seen that I do write more often on my blog about SEO and other things, my revolution into a blogger will be the important role in the year 2014.

Enjoy every moment

Yes! It’s important that to enjoy each part of your life. We most of the time forgets to be happy in the times where we don’t see ourselves in the right place. My concern for the New Year will be to stay focus on the things which I want and keep myself happy all the time.

To fill my piggy bank

Savings is one part in my life has never been a successful part. Well, I believe in living life today and not waste thinking about tomorrow and that cause me lesser success in filling my piggy bank. Well, I do plan out about future and work for it so that I get things on the time. Money is like water, you collect it from various sources and you drink it when you need it but do you save it for tomorrow?

I hope my resolutions will turn out into the positive note for me. I wish you a very happy New Year 2014. Have a good one!

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