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New update for Google page rank

Its time for another update for Google page rank and it happened on 4th February 2013. Most of the website has improved their page rank with real boost. We are always check the page rank of the website for the analysis of the quality of the website. Google takes six months to update the page rank for all the websites globally. The last Google page rank update happened on 2nd August 2012.

Google Page RankI am very happy and amazed to see my blog page rank has improved a lot. It was “N/A” when i started my blog one month and 20 days back. Now i am surprised to see that my blog page rank is “3”. All the efforts has being paid off by this Google page rank update. I was about to predict for the page rank update for my blog around “1-2” but its now “3”.

What make my blog Page rank updates from N/A to 3:

I buy this domain darshanbeloshe.com before 1 month and 20 days back. And it will surprise you that how come page rank increases from N/A to 3 in this short time. Currently i have posted around 43 blog posts on the blog. This all the blog post has unique content and good information. Most of the blog post has been updated in regular intervals like 3-4 in a week.

Its my personal blog so i have integrate this blog link to all my social profiles. Most of the social platforms allows you to update your website link and information. I shared all the posts to my social platforms instantly after being posted on the blog. This has brought me most likes and shares in my friend network.

Recently i have started guest posting and also posted about Author Rank on my blog. Some of my guest post have help me to increase my page ranks. Here are some of the guest post i have written:



Hope you guys have understand what it takes to update Google page rank. Some of the methods which can help you like social bookmarking of what you post on your blog. Guest posting is definitely the factor which will boost or cost more in the future for the websites.

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  1. Great post Darshan,
    You really set an example that how quality content and social platform help us in Page rank. I knowledge your efforts and smart work.
    Keep such things share with us.

  2. congrats darshan my page rank is also updated from 0 to 2 and i agree guest blogging and unique content is the best method which help us for increasing page rank of website.

  3. Thanks dude for sharing this, Congrats for getting a high PR.. All the best for PR8

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