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SEO tip: don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Dont put all your eggs in one basket

It’s very clear to understand by the heading of this post says. Though the question comes in mind is “why not put all your eggs in one basket” for the SEO. Here the eggs means efforts, money, time given to the betterment of SEO for your websites. Most importantly that its like if you get in to the bad phrase of traffic drop from the source where you have given your all the efforts, money and time. This could be heart breaking for the small business marketers.

Why don’t put all your eggs in one basket for SEO?

This could be explained in two different cases.

1. If you have one portal for the earning. The source of traffic these days is majorly from the Google and since the algorithms from past two years has affected many of the websites and penalize them. If you are depending on one website and if that site get filtered by the next Google algorithm then it will be complete loss.

2. You are completely depend on the one source of traffic. This is the case where most of the portals are depending on the one source of the traffic as Google. If any of the algorithm filtered the website from the search result then it will be complete drop in the traffic.

How to distribute the eggs in advisable baskets?

For the first case you need to have secondary portals for the backup for the earning source. If your primary portal get filtered by any algorithm in future then you have backup earning sources. Mean while you can recover from the primary portal penalty you can have the breathing space.

The second case is quite simple and can be useful for the betterment of the SEO. This is called diversify your traffic source. Here are the four major source you need to look out for your portal.

  1. Search engine traffic source is the primary source of traffic for almost all the site. Being an SEO you need to lookout for the updates and the algorithms which are impacting the search rankings. Change the strategy and the planing for the SEO for the website to tackle the filters.

  2. Social Media traffic source is the second most and trust-able traffic which can convert the users to the customers for your website. This will also make a branding for your website and platform to exploit all the updates.

  3. Paid traffic source is the one which is the one way to make sure that you have constant traffic and conversion for your website.

  4. E-mail marketing is one of the old source for the marketing your product and convert users into customers. Keeping events and running campaigns for the promotion of your website will generate traffic.

Proper optimization of the website and having different sources for the traffic and earning resources will save the time, money and efforts.

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  1. Excellent advise! Not depending on one particular source and platform is need of time. I also like to have many websites as in case my primary website dropped traffic. Thanks a lot

  2. Great post Darshan,
    This will really help us to improve our strategies on Primary portal with secondary portals. Thanks for sharing such nice post with us. Let such things come again…

  3. Informative blog for every small business marketers, really depending upon organic traffic is very risky because of penguin update .We will try to get traffic from every source like Social media,E-mail marketing.So traffic will be equally balanced.

  4. Very good information Darshan. Thanks for Sharing such an imperative post.

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