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Top 10 tips for blog writing

Blog writing has become more challenging this days, so i come up with some tips that will help you write a good and nice blog that will bring traffic and engagement with readers.

1. Select best in the industry:
This means you need to select the topics that are hot in the industry of the category of your target. As the old topics who has died long ago wont make a impression to the readers. Look for the current trending news, topic, release and something which can can affect readers mind.
2. Keyword selection:
This is the process which determines the traffic of your blog. Always select the keyword for your post which are having good search volume and less competition. This is the process where 99% of people get wrong. So take your time to choose the right and best keywords for your post.
3. Descriptive blog title:
As this is also an important factor in the process of blog writing. Its like reading newspaper for short time and then read only interesting article which has impact full title. This will help to catch the readers eyes in the Google search results. Click troughs will increase depend on the title you write. Start post title with something like Top 5, 7 Best, How to.
4. Write unique:
People want to read things which are new and different. A post with new ideas and methods will definitely help. You can write one story in many ways but that will be the same story for the readers, So come up with new and unique.
5. Short is Good:
Readers can get unwilling to read the big posts more than 1000 words. This is also another factor when an reader can finish his reading in short time and get time to give response to your post.
6. Use paragraphs:
A post of around 500 to 1000 words with no paragraphs make reader more stressed. Using short paragraphs will definitely make the blog post more selective to read.
7. Bullets or Numbering:
This is the one good method to tell readers that your post actually have some good points to read. This also looks more selective and elective to readers. When your post title saying about the number then this comes compulsory.
8. Relevant and attractive Images:
Many times readers want to read a post by looking its images. A very attractive or good image will make readers to read full story. This comes more challenging to find the best image for your post but not impossible. You can click some photos and then upload to you blog will make it unique.
9: Error free writing:
Once you finish the blog writing check for the spell mistakes and grammar. This is the most important thing in terms of user and search engine to give you the importance.
10. Give references:
To make your post realistic give some reference which can be helpful to find readers that your post is worthy. Give links of another link resources which can be helpful to the readers.
If i miss some points here then you are welcome to add it in the comments below. I hope this will help you to write a good post. Happy Blogging.
Image source: http://www.clubnetsearchmarketing.co.uk/img/snippet/blog_writing_tips.jpg

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