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What SEO link builders should do in 2013

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One day i was so happy when i saw some back links for your website bring rankings in search engines. That time the importance of the SEO has not been so concluded as it is now. Google is beware of spammers and black hat user who had great time earning money by doing little work but it is not the case right now. Many SEO experts are working on the strategy and plans to tackle the Google penalties. I did some research on the internet and come up with the SEO link building for 2013.

There are four factors which will affect the search rankings and website standings from competitors.

1. Quality:

It is very important to collect quality back links for the website you are working on. This quality links are hard to combine as there are techniques which can help to found the ways.

To find the quality links you need to take some things in mind as follows:

After penguin update link builders should always look for the quality websites for the links. As tons of crappy links wont help to rank higher than some good quality links.

The anchor text variation needs to be done for the particular key phrase. Make sure you haven’t use main key phrase less than 20-30% of the anchor text used for the certain link.

Links to only homepage can lead to filters from the search results. Make sure you have good enough back links to the other pages of the website than the homepage. Website like Wikipedia has 600 million back links to other pages than 6 million back links of homepage which is 1% links directing to homepage. This shows that websites with back links to other pages rank well in search engines.

The latest trend for Author rank is going to be the deciding factors when it comes to click through and trustfulness of the content. So go for the Google author ship as i have already explain it at Why Author Rank is important SEO in 2013

2. Quantity:

This factor is the important when it comes to the fight for the good competition. Where as most of the time key phrases with less competition will need less amount of back links.

Before penguin update and way back time when key phrase used to rank easily on the search engines with tons of links directing to it. Now that penguin has changed the every single aspect of the link building it has a new dimension to it. Make sure that you look for quality and authoritative websites than tons of links from the other source. The value of link building methods like directory submission, article submission, profile links and blog submissions has decreased by Google for the search engine ranks. Go for guest posting for the quantity links.

3. Velocity:

I am sure sitting next to computers most of the time wont make SEO link builders run like speedy fast train. Jokes apart, I am talking about the speed of the link building for a certain keyword or website. Google is smart enough to catch the unnatural link building time frames and the patterns. Many times link builders tend to work on the keywords for the set of times and then stops. This leads to boost in the ranking and later on those ranks goes down.

Make sure that your link building process is constant for all the time. Slow link building to quality websites will return in favor of high search rankings for longer term. Research has shown that slow link building with quality and authoritativeness sites has improve in long term high ranking in search engines.

4. Diversity:

Link diversity is the factor makes website stand out from the competitors. Links from different and authoritative website will improve reputation of the website.

On the era of social networking link builders should work on social platforms to collect links. Links from authoritative sites like Facebook, twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms gives value that to the website which will help to ranks in search results.

A like from Facebook is similar to a link from an authoritative website. Google is considering social signals for the search rankings of the sites. Make sure you have social sharing buttons on your website.

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  1. Thanks you so much for sharing great creative resources to follow! i really appreciate it for SEO.

  2. As to links, I got plenty on… mistake. I trade tags in tagvillage and sometimes I post in my blog lists of tags for sale, The keywords from those lists somehow proved very attractive to others … BTW, this is my blog: http://tagstrading.com/ I have a big mess there, I blog about companies and in 2 languages… But surprisingly, if you check me on Alexa, my stats are not so bad and I get approximately 9% of visits referred by search engines, which in our blogging world is not bad at all.

    BTW, just read your post re Google+ communities and… you are right ‘So +1 posts on the other communities and comment on it. Sometimes it will come back to you, means they will +1 you back on your post and likely to follow your community.’ from your plus I followed you to this blog 🙂

    • Thanks Merry, i appreciate your response. You have very nice blog. Here is little SEO advice: collect links from popular platforms, submit to blog directories as increase your diversity (refer current post). Hope this will help you. Have a great time ahead.

  3. Thanks, I only do not understand how come my pic shows twice lol, I clicked on like once, and wonder how I can fix that, or maybe you can fix it for me…

    Darshan Iook: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/tagstrading.com# sites linking in 163 and I had not collected a single link on purpose… I am also not in any blog directories, but this is a great idea and I should work with it. My stats and value is slipping down, so yep, it is time to get your advice and do something more with it.

    • Yes it tend to show your pic twice! Facebook has this bug. Well you have links from other blogs and sites that have mentioned your site. Some of the links are you profile which you have created and added your website. Just like this you need to create more opportunities on other popular platforms to get more value.

      Best of luck for your blog work!

  4. I think something we should start looking out for is page relevance and domain relevance. Sure, social is going to increase, and the tricks of SEO’s may decrease, but if you think about it a great factor would be what the domain and page is actually about, not so much the anchor text.

    So when we talk about high quality, I think links from relevant domains on informative articles are going to be what sets people apart.

    • I do agree with your point here Pat, Domain authority is being the factor for the high quality links to your sites. Thanks for adding this point to the conversation and for the response. I do mentioned above for the quality websites where you need to get the links. When it comes to anchor text for the links which is important where Google is smart enough to filter your site from the search results for the unnatural links and de-evaluate.

  5. Hi Darshan,

    One comment, how contribution, about your publication credits

    The image credits in this post are not the site that you refer (t), the source origin of this image and proper credits, are this blog and particulary for this post: goo.gl/bGj9w

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