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X-Men First Class is a First Class Movie (Review)

2011 is definitely a super hero era. Marvel is a big player in this year’s movie genre; we have seen Pirates of Caribbean: on stranger side and kung fu panda 2 recently with the arrival of summer, X-Men: First Class is now playing on the screen, and soon followed by Captain America.
X-Men: First Class is the latest demonstration of the X-Men story behind the movie box office, revealing the origin of the group. The film tells the story of time travel back to Professor X and Magneto, before they passed that same name, and were simply known as Charles Xavier and small Eric Lehnsherr.
This is Poland in 1944 and Eric, a young Jewish boy separated from his parents to concentration camps. Release his anger incredible power, once they are discovered, and then use the Nazis. Such incidents are happened with Eric in different places. Charles safely hidden in the bed his mansion in New York and encounters a mysterious being named the Raven, in his way to get a glass of water. Fast forward to the 20th century 60 years we see Eric and Charles to take a different route in life but the path will cross leading to a revolutionary new chapter in their lives.
The story includes a sub-graph from occurring while the identity of people and life only to become familiar with each other. Because there are many amazing stories of comic books we received a little bit of history lesson but this is one of a fairly elaborate manipulation and most of the action takes place in the Cold War era resulting in the infamous Cuban missile crisis (and I bet you do not X-Men know where …) the tension between the Soviet Communist Party and American high and the international conspiracy of the story is staged in a number of locations across the world.
We take a lot of tourist destinations including Geneva, Oxford and Moscow, as we follow the use of the good guys and bad guys, and as has not been resolved. In this respect the plot is quite ambitious, familiar handwriting Ashley Miller and two Zack Stentz (Saul) to maintain a sense of urgency and hope to do over. Audiences want to know how to meet these roles and become who we know them and it turned out to be an interesting journey indeed.
General characteristic is the leader in the film. Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) is a scientific genius, demonstrated his outstanding leadership and coaching skills, from the beginning laid the foundation for the wise leadership of Professor X will come to the famous X-Men. James McAvoy plays the role well although I did find certain aspects of his performance a bit condescending so slight stimulation.
Eric (Michael Fassbender), the future magnetism is a complex character his scarred past and keen on revenge. The object of his hatred is evil Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), causing all his pain. Of course, any self-respecting superhero script lacks a madman hell bent on world domination and Kevin Bacon gives a brilliant performance (not a hint of Footloose) as first-class Gift. Nicholas Lahoma comes to the fore giving a lovely performance of beast you really feel sorry for him!
The film also has a strong female presence. Insecurity and fear in many young and mutation, the crow mystery (Jennifer Lawrence) as Beast with her blue forms of struggle. Moira (Rose Byrne) is a CIA agent who made the decision to call for help of mutants, January Jones plays Emma Frost – Shaw’s hot dangerous Moore who just keep popping up everywhere.
British director Matthew Vaughn (kick ass, Stardust), making him the opportunity the most direct of a real superhero flick and steps it up a notch. The film includes some stunning photos and show a good visual effect. The pace of the film will hold your attention and Vaughan use a couple of the classic comic book techniques such as split screen and using some new technology of his own.
X-Men: The first is a welcome at the same time not only in the X-Men franchise but also to the wider type of superhero movies.

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